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Bob's Repair is the exclusive Rheem Pro Partner in our area! You Can Trust Pro Partners to Provide a Truly Top-of-Industry Customer Experience.


• Evaluation–ProPartners must continually deliver exceptional customer service and meet the highest program standards, so Rheem evaluates our pros each year.

• Accountability – Dependable, safe and satisfactory installationandserviceofhigh-performingRheem products is so important to your experience that Rheem holds Pro Partners accountable to everything they do.

• Authentication–Providing trusted,customer- recommended service is one of the hallmarks of the Pro Partner program, so Rheem authenticates online ratings & reviews

Pro Partners Receive Elite Program Benefits that Pass Directly to You.

• Expertise–Everyyear,ProPartnerscomplete advanced technical and professional training,
so they become experts in providing you with the best service and advice on all Rheem technologies and solutions.

• Value–With exclusive Pro Partner financing options and promotional offers, Pro Partners can offer you a better value on Rheem equipment and installations—making it easier to afford the solution that’s best for you.

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